Sovereign Immunity and ‘JASTA’

Stephanie Ross DeSimone is suing Saudi Arabia for its role in 9/11 and the death of her husband. Because she can. On October 26 2016, the US Congress voted to override President Obama’s veto of [...]

Movie Review: ‘The Martian’ (2015)

I am not one for science fiction when alien life forms are involved. With the possible exception of some Star Wars and Star Trek movies, and now The Martian. This story is impressive and is told [...]

The Death of Democratic Politics?

[Warning: long and cliché complaint about the abominable status of political discourse everywhere. You will have heard or read it all before. Ignore at your own convenience. Or not.] Are we [...]

Favorite Law Quotes: Mark Twain and lawyers

Admittedly, I am a Mark Twain novice, and I stumbled on this quote accidentally. As I said in my very first post on this blog, I intend to read some Twain. But I haven’t gotten to it yet. In any [...]